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Beyond Mystical Art Print

Beyond Mystical Art Print

I love green, leafy trees. I love to peer up through the branches at the dappling shades of color, to hear the wind rustle as if it were speaking to me through the dancing leaves. It all seems so chaotic, the branches and leaves twisting one way or another. But if I climb the tree and sit among the branches as high as I can get, I see that there is nothing random about the leaves at all. Somehow, each branch connected to each stem connected to each leaf has perfectly positioned that leaf to capture even the tiniest hint of sun rays through the green boughs. There is a purpose, a pattern to the chaos.

These patterns in nature are everywhere – seashells, sunflowers, snowflakes, salt crystals. All unique. All perfect. All the way down to the cellular level. Science has confirmed for us what the ancients already knew, the existence of universal patterns that connect every living and non-living thing on and off this planet.

As an energy worker, I know that when we emulate this sacred geometry in our art and music, we increase our existing vibration within the universe. Buddhists will emulate it in the creation of mandalas with colored sand and meditate on the pattern for days, even weeks, in deep connection with their higher selves before returning the painstakingly perfect design to nature as an acceptance of the tenet of impermanence.

Many of the art prints and home décor offered at Quintessence Creations include sacred geometry in the artists’ works, such as in this mystical rendition of owls posted here. I am careful to choose works that will inspire, works that can help us resonate at higher frequencies. Having these items in our homes gives us the opportunity to pause and meditate on the beautiful depiction of nature’s patterns – without having to climb a tree to find them. Deep in such meditation is where we touch a higher vibration, where we find purpose, where we find our own sacred pattern in the universe.

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